Five in a Day Part 6 – Recap. All Together Now.

together 03

I went out to the park recently and the spot I usually stack in was well occupied with other stackers’ work. I didn’t want to detract from them or use their stuff, so I walked around the coast till I came to a secluded inlet uncommonly visited. I hadn’t stacked here before, and ended up doing five pieces there in a few hours! Part 5 here.

so, I did the day of five and enjoyed the process immensely. I don’t often get the chance to work for a long period of time, or to get more than one thing actually done.

I may need to prioritize getting a few days off with some warm-up beforehand, then spending a string of days working in a single location. a big aspect of my stacking is therapeutic – I have a need to see landscapes transform, by my own hands if possible, but I don’t want to ruin a public place with a poorly thought out and casually executed project. seeing change and growth in an area gives me a sense of connection and purpose. I also come to understand a place better by working in it, essentially using my work as physical diagrams of the material possibilities in a place, and repetition and iteration strengthen the learning process.

thoughts for possible further exploration:

  • gridded building, with an idea being documented in different intensities on each axis, their synthesis forming the field
  • a trail of elements, with a single idea morphing along the line
  • a patterned ground condition with a few focal elements at key points
  • a cluster of small elements, like a mold or a moss spreading from specific points

we’ll see if I can get time or find the right mix of ideas to execute in a larger time frame. the space itself is very enjoyable to work in, and is a little freer from distraction and interruption than working on the main beach.

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