hello all, happy tuesday! one three one three 01

this was a 15 minute stack that could have taken five minutes, were it not for my clumsiness and the inherent instability of the construction type. as I mentioned in a recent post, any situation where your stones are oriented to be taller than they are wide is likely to result in failure due to torquing or shearing, as opposed to the slipping or toppling you usually contend with. also, the large blocks at the bottom are around 18 inches across, and weighed quite a bit. this was one of the reasons for repeated failure – it’s harder to be precise in locating the center of gravity for a larger element, and you’ve got less control due to the weight.

alternating layers of one and three supports make for a simple idea, but didn’t have much time and hadn’t built like this in a while. I also included various repetitions of three in the stack beyond the supports; the bottom layer is three stones increasing in size, three supports come next, then you have three stones that are the same type and hue, then this little detail:

one three one three 02

a one, two, and three stone support. this choice resulted in three collapses. above that you have three sets of layers and supports tapering again. these details are pretty nondescript, but they’re the sort of thing that helps me enjoy my work even when it’s an unimpressive structure.

while I liked working here, the light was fading as I finished up, and the dramatic contours of the ledges and giant boulders around me were more interesting to me than the stack itself.

thanks for viewing. we’ll talk again soon.

One thought on “1/3/1/3/1/3/1

  1. I really like this one! Especially the detail shot of the one, two, and three stone support. Very neat 🙂

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