pierced column

many stabs 01

I’ve already done a piece like this, but revisiting ideas is good for you. to reconsider, to understand, to refine – these actions will bring you to greater interior collection and peace. most of our regular lives contain little in the way of quiet consideration; any reflection we do tends to be overshadowed by frantic worrying, obsession, or hand wringing.

stacking, thankfully, contains little of that. there’s no pressure to make something specific, mistakes are momentary and without real consequence (provided you jump clear of the falling rocks), and happy coincidences let you discover and showcase new things each time. I don’t think I could make the same stack twice if I tried, and that’s wonderful to me. consider this crazy log:

many stabs 03

it stands in such contrast to the other pieces. its weird knobs and burls, the remains of a sea-smoothed root system, are aspects I have never gotten to use before – this piece of driftwood came up in the last storm. I get to display it in a way it had never been before, as part of a gestalt of unique elements, all part of a whole that, while stable, looks as though it’s ready to fall. this stack stayed up for two days before someone toppled it and moved the logs higher up the shore. these pictures that you and I share are the only record that will ever exist of its fleeting presence.

many stabs 08

stacking gives me freedom – a freedom that isn’t offered much in this world. there are no standards, deadlines, expectations, or rules (other than good ol’ physics). I don’t expect you to do exactly what I do, and I wouldn’t want you to. there are other folks who work with the rocks at fort williams, and none of them have the same style. whether it be working with rocks, wool, wood, paint, vegetation, metal, paper, glass, words, song, dance – find something that gives you freedom.

in your normal life, cooperate, share, compromise, and be a peacemaker. sacrifice yourself for the good of those around you. be generous. but when you’ve found your art, be selfish. be wild. create without apology, always exploring your own inner depths of desire. if it’s ‘your’ art, never work to impress anyone, never make to be noticed. you’ll find that when you’re done, you will be a softer, more loving person, and you’ll be ready to give more freely of yourself. most of all, you’ll find you’re more YOU.

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