little points part 1

I tried something new the other day! I’ve seen people who work with counter balanced single point stacks plenty of times (michael grab of gravity glue is the master, much better work than mine), but I’ve never attempted them much myself – I took an afternoon and gave it a shot. here’s one set of them.
little points 1little points 2.1it’s a very different process from my usual work – instead of careful consideration of overall shape and angle, all you need is to line up the contact points and worry about the weight. enough downward force on a single point and the weight hanging off it could be any form at all. little points 2.2

I’d be interested to see if there’s some way I can incorporate this back into my regular style, but I’m not sure I’d ever be able to make these point balances into bearing members – the slightest lateral force would knock these things over. there were a bunch the wind destroyed before I could get a photo of.little points 4.2

this last one got knocked over by an extremely friendly dog who licked all over my face and ran around my feet while I worked. he was quite the pup.

little points IMG_0074

I’ve got another post of these photos with a second set I made after a break. those should go up soon, as well. hope you are enjoying the warm weather!

3 thoughts on “little points part 1

  1. Alex, some of your photos are looking more like “professionally taken” photographs which is great! I bet you could sell some of them as prints on Etsy or at local art shows. I think these would help bring balance back into peoples lives 🙂

    • thank you!
      I need to buy more lenses, maybe some shallower depths of field. been thinking about selling calendars, as well as framed things, if I can get a little more traction on the site.

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