may benches part 2

man, I really get distracted easily, huh? never finished writing and posting for all those stacks I did a while ago.

anyway, here’s more work on my bench… which really became a whole mess of benches.bench 2 06

the point of this set wasn’t really to make something interesting looking, but to make something that people could engage with in many ways. a bunch of benches with variable heights and widths, creating spaces to play fort in or to have a conversation while sitting across from one another.

a lot of kids and people were in and around the build for a series of days when I visited, but I felt a little awkward asking to take pictures of them; I ended up asking permission and getting pictures of a few people and using myself as a scale model for a few pics. it didn’t lend itself well to photography, but this build got a lot of use and interaction from the public, which is a big thing for me. I feel like it was a success.

I’ll try to get my posting going again. soon. I’ve had a lot of flex in my life recently – a new job, new car, some thoughts about my future and where I’m headed… so I have had less time for working and enjoying myself at the beach; I really should get back out to relieve a little stress.
my new job is further away, so more driving, but there’s a possibility that I could find a new site near my office or in some of the towns I’ll be traveling to to do field work. have I talked about what I do, yet? maybe I’ll do that in a post soon. anyway, talk soon.

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