this was a project built while I was doing some point stacks (here and here). torque is a big problem with stacking. if you don’t take rotational energy into consideration, loading too much on the wrong side will induce twisting. the friction on the horizontal planes of contact is the only thing that keeps a stack together, and it barely does anything to stop spinning if you have elements where there is only one point of contact on an element.

I purposely created a plane which was near the threshold of spinning, then added items back and forth on each side of the pivotal element to test how close I could get to overloading it on one side.torque 01you can see in the below picture that three supports are slanted, taller than they are wide (and barely touching in a few places). I’ve essentially put myself in a near-failure state from the beginning. torque 02torque 03torque 04you can also see how even though a rock may lie a certain way when unloaded, the optimum contact points shift the orientation of the rock when you drop a bunch of heavy crap on it. this produces unexpected vulnerability and potential failure as successive loading reveals new “optimum arrangements” for the stones involved… you have to hope that the new arrangement doesn’t run at odds with the solutions you’ve instituted elsewhere. I always get a sinking feeling when I put on a new rock and some support a few layers beneath it spins on its axis out of place, leaving the things that once sat above it floating, ready to cave in.torque 05here’s the successive loading.
torque 06torque 07once again, this sort of exploration doesn’t produce something all that visually compelling, but it helps me understand the application of techniques in a completely different way than just mentally considering the forces and principles at work. I hope that doing things like this will produce more instincts and natural insights in me as I build more complex and orderly builds.

I hope you all are enjoying your day. I suggest you listen to this if you need to relax.

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