January’s piercing chill

it’s fairly warm out. remember the winter? it was cold, long, and tough.

it was also beautiful.

the cove at fort williams froze over, but the layer of salty ice was broken into large sheets by the tide. the wave action ground broken chunks into a new covering for the shore. walking to the edge of the liquid water, my boots sank a foot and a half into granular ice with every step. I was able to get out to the beach back then and work in this unusual material, layers appearing with an impossible speed had I been wielding stones. ice 02

ice 04

ice 09

the ice had a strange grainy consistency, almost like sand. digging my fingers into a six inch thick portion and snapping it in half barely took an effort, so loading the pieces atop one another was difficult – massive and fragile pieces of winter.

ice 07

enjoy your short summer while it lasts; we all remember how hard the cold was to bear, and our sun-filled july has been amazing. but before you discredit the frozen months, remember the seasons all bring their own goodness and joy, filled with their own chances for contemplation and wonder.

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