colored layers

as I continue my slow acclimation to my new job and look for new places to work with stone, I only occasionally find time to work. I still manage to make something I like here and there. this project was satisfying to me in various stages, so it was photographed separately in each.

the base is a stone I’ve used multiple times. it was used in my view of the fog from quite a while ago, which I consider one of my most successful pieces.colored layers 02

it was a day to bite the bullet and explore color. I’m always hesitant to work with color, as my brain is primarily preoccupied with the shape of the pieces used, and different types of stone weather and break in different ways. my first layer was the typical gray granite, the material most abundant on the beach. a black-flecked white granite slab was the next layer, meant to solidify the build and contrast what was coming next.colored layers 03

(note how the slab was hovering over the support intended for it on one corner – sitting on three feet, the rocks were already primed to fall towards the overloaded side.)colored layers 04

the next layer of stones are basalt. it has a different color in its interior, but weathers to have a dark rind.colored layers 07

basalt chunks up more than the granite, which tends to become flatter and more narrow through weathering. this lack of a decent flat side and its irregular form makes me tend to exclude it as a main building material; its dark color produces a nice contrast, though, if you can get it to stay put.colored layers 06

this dark layer is topped with a sheet of schist, which has a little more of a rusty color to it. the camera didn’t capture it the best, but to the human eye, it was quite orange in the bright sunlight.colored layers 10

this last layer was above my head-height, which is the practical build limit for me. if I can’t really see the surface conditions, adding much more tends not to work. I was actually beginning to lay a layer of pure white milky quartz on top of the feldspar after taking the last pictures when I disturbed the balance of the layers and the stack came toppling down. I was definitely glad I photographed it before I lost it – my overzealousness in adding material usually results in me losing the work before I’ve taken a single picture.

what do you think? how should I use color in my upcoming works? let me know.

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