the weight

do you remember that big slab from my last post? the one that I used as a base for the entire structure? the one that weighed around 300 pounds or so?

I decided I wanted to balance it.

ignite 2.1

I didn’t quite think I was going to be able to do it. it took a few hours of work trying to get it up on a pile of stones to begin with – I should have taken a picture of the form work. what I did was lift one corner a few inches, throw some rocks underneath to build it up a little higher off the ground, and then let it back down gently. the goal to get it on a single support took patience more than anything else – the structure toppled twice  when I nearly had it up as high as I wanted it – and I eventually settled for having it on two. I then decided that with proper counter weighting, I could get it down to one pillar of support. this involved a lot of shimming the base and the top weights to make sure they had no freedom to shift.

ignite 2.7

these tiny elements make a serious difference. after all, when you have the majority of a 300+lb weight resting on a tiny point, you’d better have no movement, or the entire thing is going to slough off.ignite 2.5

I got pretty burnt and worn out in the process, but as always, the exertion and resulting exhaustion is strangely satisfying.

this piece was done the same day as the July’s Fierce Heat stack. together, they formed a nice frame of the beach.

ignite 2.8

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