back in the saddle

back in 05hello, my friends.

it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. probably should have mentioned a while back that I was taking a break from my hobby. not due to boredom, not due to dislike – something a little bit more embarrassing. after all my years of stacking with no issues and no injuries beyond a couple broken toes, I was reduced to needing help to get out of bed by a crippling case of BACK PAIN! I hear shouts of, “that’s because you were lifting improperly!” and “I knew those rocks were too heavy!” no, it’s much more asinine than that – I bought a new car in June, and it has absolutely terrible back support. I drive virtually all day for my work, exiting and reentering my car around 40-60 times a day, and this all reduced my poor sacroiliac joint (and me) to abysmal uselessness.

I’ve got a few pads I use in the car now and have been visiting an excellent chiropractor to get me back in shape, and I’m finally at the place where I think I can restart my hobby safely. I told myself I’d take it slow on my first trip back to Fort Williams, but once I got my hands on the rocks I couldn’t help myself. you see the results of that here.

it was a grand old time. at one point as I was sitting and enjoying listening to the waves, an excited kid noticed that his shadow fit the stack well from up on the hill, so he started to do shadow puppetry with the stack as a canvas.back in 09

I’m sad I had to wait this long to get back in the habit of visiting my favorite park, but the long shadows of the fall sun are beautiful in their own right. look how far it reaches, even at the early hour of 3pm! soon, it will be nearly dark at that time.

back in 08

I hope you’ll be with me as I step back onto the beach and start posting my work again. I know it’s a silly little hobby, but I hope my pictures will bring a moment of peace and rest into your day.

One thought on “back in the saddle

  1. Nice work! Love the change toward the middle. Adds a lot of dynamics to the total outcome. Hope the back stays good!

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