gestalt diagonal

a quick trip to the beach yesterday produced a few fun pieces. I’m still learning the finer points of counterbalancing point stacks with dramatic overhangs. here is the first:small ascending 05

quickly followed by the second, which I have to say I really liked, with its triangular accent pieces and the interesting texture on the base stone:

it’s december in maine, and that means it gets dark FAST and EARLY. in the ten minutes between finishing the previous and this next stack, I lost all direct light. a lot harder to capture the stones in that condition, but I was in the zone.

small ascending 01

at this point, I realized I had unconsciously created a pattern here, though there was a missing element…

small ascending 02

naturally, I had to fill it in to get a smooth transition from one to the next. if the park hadn’t been closing, I would have kept right on building both bigger and smaller till I couldn’t build any more, but you get what you get.

small ascending 03

we’re nearing the end of the year here; soon the snow will fly and the stones will freeze together. I’m excited to work with ice sheets again this year, if possible, but other material choices have potential in the coming freeze. in the meantime, I’ll squeeze a couple more visits in before we turn the page on another great year in maine.

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