cochlea 02

this project was constructed back in mid January. one of my biggest projects and, while imperfect, came very close to what I wished for. the concept was a rising spiral; at the determined width, the height would be precarious for a straight wall, but with a continual curve, the stability of the structure would be dramatically increased.

the main thing I failed to plan for was how long it would take to build my structure.

as you can see, around halfway through my build, I started to lose light. it would have been safer to quit; working in the dark with large objects at quite a height to lift was a dangerous prospect, but I was consumed by the desire to create. I knew that this was a one-shot chance; at sunrise, the rangers would be by to knock the structure down, and I’d not have the free time to repeat the process for many months. I had to continue.

the light upon the spiral was cast from my distant car’s headlights; I turned them on around the time my progress reached head height. shivering yet sweating, fingers cramping into permanent claws, back rebelling against my commands for it to straighten out, starving and thirsting, I simply could not stop.

cochlea 07

in the early winter morning, I returned in hopes that I’d beat the park staff to the beach. luckily, I was able to catch a few more pictures before it had to come down. a project completed, a wish fulfilled, and off to work with a satisfied heart.

cochlea spin

I was shocked at how much stability the structure actually had; I was able to (carefully) walk up the side until I was about 5′ off the ground without any real worry – I could have gone further, but I didn’t dare risk it, merely due to my poor balance.

I hope I can continue to think up and pull off bigger pieces like this one. it takes more endurance than anything else, but my true limiting factor is getting the time to do it. large or small, my work is lost in a matter of days, never to return, but the thoughts and feelings that well up inside me as they come into shape are indelible. I hope there is a passion in your life that does the same for you.

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